Mozilla Reps OKR February 2017 – It’s only the beginning

February is already gone and winter is slowly flowing away (No! Winter is not coming!). Time for me to write my first OKR output as a Mozilla Reps. As a reminder, here is the link to my online Sheet.

Result: 0.33 / 1

I’m almost satisfied with my results (almost because don’t forget OKR results have to be between 0.33 and 0.77 to be good), especially thinking it was a first month setting many things:

  • Rust objective have a pretty high result, especially with my attendee at a Rust Meetup at Lille. I will help to develop these meetups and started to integrated a community of developpers at Lille that are willing to empower Rust.
  • Mozillians one is interesting too since I’m helping Antonin Carette to be recognized in the community. I first though he was new but it’s been 3 years he is helping Mozilla projects, although he didn’t get vouched for his action. I must admit for now that my objective to recruit new Mozillians is more of a side effect and will be a result of a slow process.
  • Community, is only a result of several internal talks and participation to Q&A (somewhat). I decided to respond to this Reps as Mobilizer discourse topic and get more involved in my community as a Mobilizer. I’m going to create a Weekly Report for my community after each Reps Call to make a link between Reps and Mozillians.
  • WebVR results are pretty non-existants… I’ll go further on planning a Moz Campus – I hope to have time though!

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Mozilla l10n is going to « ROAR »

Few days after the International Women’s Day, I coudln’t help myself comparing my title with Katy Perry’s clip « Roar » – a woman getting stronger than man in a wild jungle…

Though we are not going to talk about last Katy Perry’s haircut (my taste is binding only on me) but about Mozilla l10n and some new directives we are willing to take.

If you wanna help to translate Mozilla’s tool, this article can help you on how to build your l10n community or just improve it. Of course these are just tips and not strict rules to follow – we are still looking forward to improve this process.

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