My OKRs 2017 at Mozilla Foundation

This year I’m trying a new process to track my Objectives at Mozilla Foundation and understand their Key Results ; yes I’m talking about the well known OKR. However, these Objectives do not only traduce the Mozilla’s vision for 2017, but my own commitment and own working philosophy this year.

You can check them whenever you want by visiting this link.

What’s special about OKR

First of all, I’d like to warn people about OKR. They should only be a personal way for employees / volunteers to express their objectives and communicate about their results with each other. Major companies working with OKRs promote them to be personal achievement within a company. And even if they reflect the vision of the company, there are not a way to communicate objectives and tasks to employees.

Now what is so special about OKRs ?

If you are not sure to get it, just imagine that you are writting a diary. This diary is a way for you to project yourself into the future and great achievements, but also a way to understand after each step what is going wrong and what is going right. OKR may needs more work than usual – to track them – but at the end you can look behind and deduce things you would have never seen before.

And if you wanna play, you need to be ambitious. That’s a key result. 😉


My objectives

Being a science computer student at 42 school, I’ve decided this year to promote WebVR and Rust. And since Mozilla is putting accent on improving work community I’d like to help and advocate for more co-working between and within communities.

Mozilla Communities

According to an upcoming update of Reps Portal I’m willing to add my own initiative and create a website called « Hacktivity », a word standing for Cyphering (or Hacking) every activities / initiatives started by our Mozillians and Communities alike a search engine and RSS Reader.

I’m also joining a group of discussion started between the French community and the Italian one, willing to align communication between local groups. It’s just being a start and need some workaround to be successful.

Rust and WebVR

As a computer engineer, I’m also very interested in new and innovative technologies. For one month I’m now getting familiar with Rust way of coding and after more practicing, I’d like to trigger enthousiasm and engage other coder into this new language. Rust is now beyond its first prime milestone (v. 1) but still need some improvement and new features to approach its philosophy: a safe language with no abstraction cost, and multithread secured. Knowing a company like Samsung is coding an IoT cloud based on this technology can show a real need in numerical economy.

Get your OKRs too this year

If you are a Mozillian (or not) I encourage you to create your OKR too. If it’s too difficult for you or if you are not sure about what to do. Just check and pick one main mission of the Foundation. Create at first an Objectives for the next 2 months, and add tasks to succeed, like:

  • Translating into French every MDN pages,
    1. Fully update this category
    2. Translate 3 articles per week
    3. Engage 2 other people translate with me

If at the end of the month it was too easy it means you can be more ambitious. However if it was too hard, you need to focus on either fewer task or something else you will be more comfortable. Although the aim is to find our rythm.

OKRs focus on the fact you have one main objective divided into multiple tasks to do (and somewhat check). Your objective should entertain you but also not discourage you. At the end of your OKR period you get a score based on done tasks. An average score of 60-75 is the best to get. Lower, either you didn’t work enough on your task or it was too ambitious. Higher, either you worked too much or it wasn’t enough ambitious for you.

You can hack my table. I created a script that check in your tab how much you have a newline started by a ‘-‘. It’s just a way to understand this as a new task. The script for now is dividing your task by 5 and you have your score out of 100. I’m going to post a link to that script if you can’t get it easily (because you only have comment access on my OKRs).


Well now let’s all be successful and share our vision of success 🙂


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