Mozilla Reps OKR February 2017 – It’s only the beginning

February is already gone and winter is slowly flowing away (No! Winter is not coming!). Time for me to write my first OKR output as a Mozilla Reps. As a reminder, here is the link to my online Sheet.

Result: 0.33 / 1

I’m almost satisfied with my results (almost because don’t forget OKR results have to be between 0.33 and 0.77 to be good), especially thinking it was a first month setting many things:

  • Rust objective have a pretty high result, especially with my attendee at a Rust Meetup at Lille. I will help to develop these meetups and started to integrated a community of developpers at Lille that are willing to empower Rust.
  • Mozillians one is interesting too since I’m helping Antonin Carette to be recognized in the community. I first though he was new but it’s been 3 years he is helping Mozilla projects, although he didn’t get vouched for his action. I must admit for now that my objective to recruit new Mozillians is more of a side effect and will be a result of a slow process.
  • Community, is only a result of several internal talks and participation to Q&A (somewhat). I decided to respond to this Reps as Mobilizer discourse topic and get more involved in my community as a Mobilizer. I’m going to create a Weekly Report for my community after each Reps Call to make a link between Reps and Mozillians.
  • WebVR results are pretty non-existants… I’ll go further on planning a Moz Campus – I hope to have time though!

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